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Freestanding 3-Post

Project type

Hydroponic Installations, Standalone, Heavy duty system,


Nov 22


Whangarei Heads

This structure was constructed to fit an elevated deck area, offering a stunning view of the harbour. It consists of three robust 100mm posts with sturdy bases supporting a transparent polycarbonate roof and sixteen 3-meter capped channels. The open channels provide versatile options for cultivation, accommodating microgreen trays and nursery pots for tomatoes and chili plants. The incorporation of wire supports within the roof framework notably benefited the tomatoes, fostering their growth successfully. Witnessing the system in full bloom was undeniably impressive. The garden has now become one of the property's standout features, sparking lively conversations among guests.

Plant Varieties Cultivated: Tomato, Chilli, Basil, Pak Choy, Spinach, Silver Beet and Microgreens.

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