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Hydroponics in NZ

We design and build closed system Hydroponic Solutions. Best products, easy care maintenance. 

We grow and provide the most healthy produce available.

We have two great solutions for you.

Super solution 1   Mega home system, PLUS you can grow and sell plants to produce a self sustainable income. 

Super solution 2  Ideal home based system, a spectacular landscape feature. Room for your BBQ, amazing talking point.

1200 Series

1200 growing holes, easy to grow your plants, feed your family and let us buy your surplus plants each week..  This could earn you $ 700 per week !


$18,000 + $3,700

onsite build at your place

1200 Series.HEIC
400 Series 2 .png

400 Series

Brilliant home / self sufficient system. Break the sky rocketing cost of healthy vegetables and herbs. 


$3,770 + $ 1,700 onsite build at your place

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