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Welcome to Backyard Hydro

Northland's Hydroponic Specialist

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Hydroponic Supplies

Our specially collated range of hydroponic products will soon be available online. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned grower, we've got everything you need to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and tomatoes using hydroponics. Browse our range today and discover all the amazing deals we're currently offering.


Hydroponic Nutrients

Expertly Formulated

Maximize your harvest with our expertly formulated hydroponic nutrients. Our range of nutrients is designed to help you achieve optimal plant growth and yields. At Backyard Hydro, we're committed to helping you grow healthy and delicious produce in an eco-conscious and space-efficient way.

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Hydroponic Systems

Customized Solutions

Experience the benefits of hydroponic gardening with our customized hydroponic systems. We offer a range of systems to suit every space and budget, from small deck & fence setups to larger backyard installations. Let our hydroponic experts guide you towards the perfect solution for your needs.

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Hydroponic Tools

Efficient Gardening

Get the right tools for your next hydroponic gardening project at Backyard Hydro. We carry high-quality, durable equipment that will help make your hydroponic gardening more efficient and enjoyable. From pH meters to germination pods, we've got you covered.

About Backyard Hydro

Our Mission

Welcome to Backyard Hydro, where we providing innovative hydroponic solutions designed to nourish not just plants, but families too! Our goal? Empowering households with innovative, accessible, sustainable, and space-efficient hydroponic solutions that extend beyond plant growth. We're passionate about cultivating the freshest, healthiest produce to grace your family's table, all within your own backyard.

At Backyard Hydro, our focus is on revolutionizing your growing experience. We offer personalized system installations, expert guidance, and an unwavering commitment to fostering greener, more abundant environments. Join us on this journey as we cultivate your dream garden, emphasizing simplicity and eco-consciousness at its very core.

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